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Stevie & Harley

Two horses, one mission: to make a difference

Want to meet Stevie and Harley? They want to meet you!

2020-05-20 bagpipe event-20.jpg

Stevie & Harley's Children's Books 

Stevie and Harley are so spirited and sweet, and now there are three children's books about them!

Stevie and Harleys Purpose book cover
Stevie and Harleys friendship bridge book cover
Stevie and Harleys Woodland Rescue book cover

Work with us

Horses have a way of drawing attention and providing comfort. Stevie and Harley are well-suited to random acts of kindness. If you are interested in teaming up to conduct a random act of kindess for your community, please reach out. We would love to discuss how we could work together.  

2020-05-15 Diana's Horses-1.jpg

News & Events

Visit our news & events page to read the latest updates and track upcoming events!

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