News & events

A little record of what's been happening in the world of Stevie, Harley and me (Diana). We're so happy to be on this journey with you!

The future 2022

We are working on setting up an online store so you can buy things “all Harley and Stevie”.  We are planning to make some public appearances and of course, work on book #3!! We will keep you posted on future happenings.

Please remember to send us your ideas of what random acts of kindness you’d like to see us do.

November 2021

We held an open house at Sommerfield Stables where the Gypsy boys are living. It was “a meet and greet the horses behind the book”. It was fun to sign books and talk with Stevie and Harley’s fans.


Big news - We won the Winnie Award for children's story at the Equus Film and Arts Festival! It was in the category of Healing Horses. What a surprise and honor!  Thanks to the folks at Equus Film Fest!


March 2022

Speaking of books - book #2 is on the way!


Editing and layout are being done as of this writing.  Stevie and Harley’s new book will be out very soon so stay tuned! Here is a sneak peek at a few illustrations.  Jency Latta, the artist behind the books has done it again with her magic!


January 2021

Book #1 is published, Stevie and Harley’s Purpose!

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we were not able to do any book signings at the time of publication.  We are so grateful to all who have reached out and told us how much they enjoyed the book. Stevie and Harley have won more fans due to the book!

August 2021

I’m happy to report we found a permanent home close to our family. It’s not a farm but we did find a nice boarding barn for the boys closer to where we are living. They are happy and well taken care of. Sometimes dreams take a turn that you’re not expecting.

As if the move wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we decided to adopt a puppy named Wallace! Even with the craziness, he is adorable and brings much joy to our home and our family.



2021: book release!

Stevie, Harley, and I are thrilled to announce that our children’s book will be available for purchase soon! Publishing a story about the horses has been an adventure that we’re excited to share.

December 2020: Christmas parade

On December 13th Stevie, Harley, and I teamed up again with Gary Guth, our local bagpiper friend, to have a Christmas Bagpipe Parade for the neighbors living near the barn. It was so rewarding to hear everyone clapping and yelling "Merry Christmas!" as we paraded down the street. We got so many "thank yous" from our friends all along the tour route. How lucky it feels to provide the opportunity for people to come outside and smile. It was a fun day for us and we really want to do similar outdoor events in the future.

November 2020: experiential learning

In mid-November a small group of kindergarteners came to the farm to meet Stevie and Harley as an extended learning experience. It was great to have such fun energy around the farm and Stevie and Harely loved letting the kids pat them on their soft noses. The children left with a Gypsy Vanner horse figure and cookies! 


May 2020:

educational video

In May, one week after the bagpipe parade, my trainer Sue and I created an educational video with Stevie and Harley to share with the Edgewood Elementary school 2nd grade class. It was a hit! The kids got to “see” the horses and learn a little bit about their care. We hope to do more of these interactions in the future! 

summer 2020 - present: moving mayhem

After moving Stevie and Harley in March, my husband and I embarked on what would become a series of relocations over the next year. We had no idea what was in store for us, but it turns out it was a lot of packing and moving! We decided to sell our house and start looking for a small farm so Stevie and Harley could live in our backyard. The house sold immediately, so we packed up and moved into an apartment temporarily until we found our farmette.


Several months later, we found a beautiful little place in the country and purchased it! The apartment started filling with packed up boxes as moving day approached. Moving day was busy, as it always is, and we started unpacking immediately. Settling into our new house came naturally as we cooked meals in the kitchen, filled drawers and shelves with our belongings, and hung pictures on the walls - it really started to feel like home. Simultaneously, and with happy anticipation, we worked on cleaning up the barn so Stevie and Harley could join us, but sadly, it was not to be.


It became apparent that it would not be possible to bring the horses onto the property due to unforeseen circumstances and red tape restrictions. We felt there was no point in keeping the property if the horses couldn’t come live with us, so it was time to sink a “For Sale” sign in the front yard. The farm sold immediately, so we found ourselves searching for another temporary apartment and started repacking all our boxes.


The new apartment we found is at the opposite end of town from the horses, so we decided to move Stevie and Harley to a new boarding barn. We did not expect to have 4 mailing addresses in the past year, but we feel hopeful that the 5th and final address - our forever home - will present itself soon. This past year has been a good lesson in adaptability, perseverance, and also learning the best places to get packing boxes and tape...

November 2020:

Random acts of kindness week

With everything that happened in 2020, it was a blessing to participate in a week of Random Acts of Kindness in November. Stevie, Harley, and I partnered with local businesses to present gift cards to folks in our growing community of supporters. We had such a lovely time surprising people with gift cards because you can’t beat the happiness and smiles that come with an unexpected act of kindness, especially when Stevie and Harley show up as well. Thank you to the local businesses and friends who made this such a successful week!

August 2020:

pony rides

The end of August presented the opportunity for Stevie and Harley to meet some of their local neighbors by offering pony rides to the children.


May 2020:

Our First bagpipe parade

We wanted to do something to unite our neighborhood and bring a few smiles to our community. Plus, no one wants to be stuck inside all week!

Stevie and Harley paraded down the street with bagpiper Gary Guth to entertain our community. Our neighbors brought out chairs and watched from their front yards, and our friends joined us on Facebook Live. Head over to our Facebook page to view the full event stream!

march 2020: a New Barn

Stevie and Harley were busy teaching students to ride and drive at DelVal College until Covid hit in March 2020. The college was temporarily closed due to the pandemic, so we had to quickly find a local boarding barn for Stevie and Harley. A kind local man who owns a small horse farm was willing to take us in. It was difficult to say good-bye to the trainers and friends at DelVal, but the move went smoothly and the boys settled into their new barn.

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