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News & Events

A little record of what's been happening in the world of Stevie, Harley, and me (Diana). We're so happy to be on this journey with you!

Stevie & Harley are still residing at Sommerfield Stables. They are happy there and get well looked after. The boys get regular exercise plus many hours of grooming each week. It takes a team of people to keep Stevie & Harley healthy and happy, between myself, our trainer Sue and volunteers - plus medical professionals. I am blessed to work with these wonderful people. There are others who work behind the scenes like my virtual assistant, social media support, editors and  graphic artists  to get the books published and many others to help me make smart decisions. Again these are all wonderful people. As they say "It takes a Village" and of course we can't forget all our fabulous fans out there for their love.

BOOK 3 is Out


Springtime has come and the children of Burnt Aspen are excited to see the tadpoles at the town pond. Liza wants to join them, but she struggles to get her wheelchair to keep up. Liza finds herself in a predicament with no one to help, but when word gets to Dharma and her horses Stevie and Harley, they know just what to do!

The future

We are working on setting up an online store so you can buy all things "Harley and Stevie”.  We are planning to make some public appearances and of course. We are excited about book #3 Stevie & Harley's Woodland Rescue which is now available!! We will keep you posted on future happenings.

Please remember to send us your ideas of what random acts of kindness you’d like to see us do.

Book 2 has won its own award

 We won the Winnie Award at the Equus Film and Arts Festival for our second book, Stevie & Harley's Friendship Bridge.

  Thanks to the folks at Equus Film Fest!


We are proud that now two of our books have won an award!

Book 1 has won an award

Our first book, Stevie & Harley's Purpose, won the Winnie Award for children's story at the Equus Film and Arts Festival! It was in the category of Healing Horses. What a surprise and honor!  Thanks to the folks at Equus Film Fest!


Spreading Equestrian Joy

Stevie & Harley love meeting their fans! Young children and adults love working with Stevie & Harley.

May 2020:
Our First bagpipe parade

We wanted to do something to unite our neighborhood and bring a few smiles to our community. Plus, no one wants to be stuck inside all week!

Stevie and Harley paraded down the street with bagpiper Gary Guth to entertain our community. Our neighbors brought out chairs and watched from their front yards, and our friends joined us on Facebook Live. Head over to our Facebook page to view the full event stream!

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