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about us

Our mission

Our mission is to enable horse ambassadors, Stevie and Harley,
to unite people by fostering connections through acts of kindness.
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Diana Hasen has loved horses her whole life and has cared for Stevie and Harley, her Gypsy Vanner horses, for more than a decade. Gypsy Vanners are a unique breed of draft horse bred for gentleness and they have a unique affinity for being around people. Stevie and Harley are no exception. Over the years Diana has found great joy in sharing them with the people in her life, but the time has come for her to extend that reach to the greater public. Stevie and Harley are horses with purpose – they need a job! They want to be goodwill ambassadors who bring happiness to the greatest number of people.

After years of working in the food industry and raising her family, Diana was presented with the opportunity to pursue her lifelong love of horses by acquiring Stevie and Harley. Loving and caring for them for more than 10 years has fulfilled half of her dream; sharing them with others will extend that dream and provide a job and a purpose for the horses by fostering connections with people. The time and opportunity for Diana, Stevie, and Harley to pursue their collective dream and engage with the public is now. Stevie and Harley want to be a presence that stirs up excitement wherever they go. Do you want to meet them? They would love to meet you!

meet Diana

Meet Stevie and harley

These are my boys, Stevie & Harley. They are Gypsy Vanner horses, originally from the UK.  I have had these guys since they were yearlings and have been involved with most of their training. They are both sweet and they each have completely different personalities. 

meet Stevie

Stevie is very affectionate and responds well to positive attention. He loves to be groomed and loves to eat grass. Stevie is also exceptionally good at figuring out how to undo gates and doors. He is very observant and a bit of an opportunist. 

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meet Harley

Harley is playful and very treat-motivated. As soon as I get near him, he comes over to begin searching me for a treat. He loves to be close to people and is very sweet and cooperative. Harley can also be very wiggly while he's being groomed. 

finding purpose

Diana, with Stevie and Harley, want to spread joy – especially to children – with planned events and activities, but also through random acts of kindness. Many people love horses and animals, but they don’t have the time or means for ownership. Providing access for people to be around horses and giving her boys a job is a priority for Diana, especially now when the world relies so heavily on digital connection. This is a chance for Stevie and Harley to make real life connections and maybe provide a little education along the way.

Interested in opportunities to work with us? 
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